Fishing season is heating up – The Daily Advance

This year we have some great fishing and it looks like it will continue for a while.

The offshore guys are having a blast with the tuna and billfish while the cobia have kept the nearshore anglers happy for the past couple of weeks. The local guys are usually hard on the largemouth about now but even the diehard bass fisherman have switched to ultralights to fish for the white perch that have shown up in force this year.

We have always had some anglers who fish for white perch and only white perch but when they are in the numbers that we have around here now you can’t blame anyone when you can go out and catch over 100 fish in one day.

I have multiple reports of 100 to 150 fish for a single person and they are in almost every river we have in our area. The most common factor in the fishing is they are all caught on a drop off where it goes from the bank down to about 5 to 7 feet of water.

Sometimes it is on a point while others are in front of boat docks but almost all the fish are on the drops and when you find them there the numbers will amaze you. You don’t even need live bait because they hit whatever reaches the school and fight over the bait. Some reports are saying 18 fish in 18 casts while others are calling it a day once it hits noon.

This is a perfect time to take a kid fishing because all they have to do is cast it out, let it sink, then reel the fish in. The baits are the usual with Uncle Jessie lures, white Beetle Spins and Road Runners.

All you have to do is approach the bank on the boat and cast the drop offs till you find a school then you can set an anchor usually and have a ball. Just do me a favor and only keep the big fish so we can have more years like this one in the future. Throw back any fish under 10inches long for next time and let future generations enjoy our fishery.

What’s biting, where…

The offshore crew have had their hands full this past week with tuna and sharks. Citation yellowfin have come to the docks with some fish over 100 pounds while other fish are only the heads. The sharks have been taking their share of the tuna and have been giving the mates a fit.

The key to getting rid of sharks is to get the fish in quick but with fish this size that is easier said than done. The marlin bite is still out there also along with some good gaffer dolphin in the mix. The wind should die down this weekend just in time to get out and fill the freezer.

Near the shore and on the beach they are still going crazy over the cobia and for good reason. The bite is picking up on the piers but the big fish are coming on jigs while site casting from boats with buck tails doing most of the damage. My favorite lures for cobia is a local made jig from a company called Bowed Up Lures. They have spectacular colors and the quality is the best I have ever used for cobia.

I heard from the guys at Bob’s Bait and Tackle and they are telling me that the flounder have shown up in force around Southern Shores and Duck. The fish are only about 20 feet or so off the beach and they are hitting both Gulp baits and live bait. The puppy drum are also in the mix along with some scattered blues so the beach should be a good bet this weekend after the blow they had earlier this week it should settle down just in time.

Locally we are all about the white perch but we also have some decent largemouth coming into the boats on top water frogs and buzz baits.

Vince Hoium and Bobby Moore from Moyock have been scoring 3 to 5 pound bass on a regular basis on a frog in the Northwest River the past few weeks but Currituck native Missy Fantino landed a huge bass from a pond that puts all the pros to shame. She sent me a couple of pictures last year so it was good to hear from her again and see that she still has the touch. If anyone else has a fishing report like Missy send them to or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike and I will be glad to show off your catch.