Angels’ Mike Trout should never be counted out, regardless of the … – Los Angeles Times

For all his astounding consistency, for all of his abilities on a baseball field that, together, form the best ballplayer seen in the world in some time, perhaps one underrated feature about Mike Trout is this: He does not dwell on his failure. At times, the Angels center fielder does not even remember it.

In the first game of the Angels’ series in Houston last month, role-defying right-handed reliever Chris Devenski struck out Trout on three pitches in a high-leverage situation. The third pitch was a fastball that hurtled across the strike zone, and Trout could not catch up to it.

In the fourth game of that series, Trout again faced Devenski in a high-leverage situation, this time in the ninth inning as the Angels trailed by two. Trout again fell behind 0-and-2 on two high fastballs he fouled off, then saw Devenski’s changeup for the first time. Based on where the Astros’ catcher had set up, the pitch did not drop as low as Devenski intended, and Trout clobbered it for a home run.

Asked a half-hour later about how their first matchup informed his approach to the second, Trout could not recall the first.