Farmington Hills approves ban on feeding deer – The Daily Tribune

In an effort to control the deer population, the Farmington Hills City Council voted unanimously Monday, June 12, to make it illegal to feed the animals.

City officials say the deer population is increasing, causing a number of problems — including car accidents due to collisions with deer.

The city has spent the past several years working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on deer management strategies, and is cooperating with nearby cities on curbing the deer population.

A few details about the new ordinance:

Deer feeding means the depositing, distributing, or tending of feed intended for consumption by deer for the purposes of preventing deer from starving or for recreational viewing.

The ordinance prohibits placing any grain, fodder, salt licks, vegetables, nuts, hay or other materials less than 5 feet off the ground, which my reasonably be expected to result in deer feeding.

The ordinance does not apply to veterinarians; city or county animal control officers; parks maintenance staff; or county, state or federal game officials who are acting in the course of their duties or have deer in custody or under their management.

The ordinance does not apply to food placed for purposes of trapping or otherwise taking deer under a permit issued by the MDNR.

Violations of the ordinance are civil infractions and are subject to a fine. The ordinance provides for a warning to be issued before a civil infraction.

The new law goes into effect July 3, allowing time for a legal notice to be published.