Procedure performed on Angels’ Trout is ‘a little controversial,’ medical expert says – Los Angeles Times

The medical innovation known as an InternalBrace that could help Mike Trout expedite the projected six-to-eight week recovery timeline for his torn left thumb ligament is encouraging but somewhat risky, according to at least one medical expert.

Dr. Michael Hausman, chief of elbow and hand surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, did not treat Trout but is familiar with his type of injury.

“It’s basically a very, very thick, stout suture that helps to essentially temporarily stabilize the ligament and reinforce it while it’s healing,” Hausman said in a telephone interview. “Ordinarily, you would have to wait until the ligament is solidly healed, a 10-12 week process, before you could begin to use it and put force on it. The temporary brace is thought to be strong enough to withstand forces early and reinforce the repair and prevent it from being injured.”

Trout had surgery Wednesday to repair the ulnar collateral ligament tear, which he injured when sliding into second base Sunday.