Special memories made fishing, hunting – Danville Commercial News

Ask any angler or hunter to tell you about the fishing days or hunting days that they remember most. Most will talk about a day or night when they took their biggest fish or biggest stringer of fish; hunters will tell you about their big buck or the limit of pheasant or geese. Very few will recall the times they had nothing to show for their days work.

The big fish that got away or the big buck that saw but missed are also days that come to mind, yet we all have those days when nothing goes our way and we come home with nothing to show or talk about.

I love to fish, especially at night. I can enjoy a night when there is a breeze slapping waves against my boat, or a meteor shower flashing overhead. Lightning in the far distant sky, or a gentle rain on my hands and face; sounds of the night, and clouds that drift past an almost full moon are memories that I store of those nights. Spending nights in the outdoors drifting and casting, hoping for a big bass to strike but realizing what a wonderful time it is just to be alive and enjoying what I do.

For those who never spent a night in a boat or never sat in a tree stand watch for deer but seeing birds and squirrels do their thing when they think no one is around, I think you really missed something in life.

When I’m drifting and casting late at night I am at total peace with myself; missing a fish doesn’t really bother me that much for there will be another.

Heck, I just take a picture of the big ones and put them back anyway. What a change in my fishing habits a good cell phone has made for me and I would much rather have a big bass wearing my hook scar on jaw that finding itself in my frying pan.

If stress kills a person I would have been dead years ago but I guess it’s those quiet times I got to spend hunting and fishing that has allowed me to survive this long.

If you cherish time alone, time away from this crazy world we live in, then being able to put all your problems into something you love to do is the best thing anyone can do.

Being an outdoors type of person has been great for me but there are so many ways to do what I do and never leave your living room. Find something you love to do and just do it; my wife finds her quiet time in reading.

If you have read my column for any length of time you know that I love to carve birds, another one of my relaxing things to do. I don’t carve birds and paint them to sell; then it would be a job. Instead, I carve to relax!

Find something you do that you enjoy and find your path to relaxing. I will tell you one thing; fishing is a lot more fun when you are catching them!

Sam Van Camp writes about the outdoors on Sundays. Call him at 662-6559. Fax: 446-6648. E-mail: pamnsam@nwcable.net