Want to wet a line? Try NY state’s ‘Free Fishing Weekend’ set for … – NewYorkUpstate.com

What to give fishing a try in New York State?

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has scheduled a free fishing weekend for later this month, and another free fishing day in November.

In addition, the DEC is offering a series of family fishing clinics across the state through the remainder of this year.

A free fishing weekend was offered earlier this year (Feb. 18-19) and others are scheduled for June 24-25 and Nov. 11.

During a free fishing weekend or day, anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of the state without a fishing license or recreational marine fishing registry. All other freshwater and saltwater fishing regulations still apply.

In addition, the DEC is offering free family-oriented fishing clinics at various locations across the state during which participants can fish for free without a license.

In addition to fishing, participants at these clinics can learn about fish identification, fishing equipment and techniques, fisheries management, angling ethics and aquatic ecology.

To find a free fishing clinic near you, see the schedule for the clinics on the DEC website.

Also check out the DEC website for information about fishing licenses and statewide freshwater fishing regulations.

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