These adorable animals seem to have forgotten their primal instincts as they forge unlikely friendships – The Sun

THESE animals seem to have forgotten their primal instincts as they cosy up to unlikely bedfellows.

A dog plays nanny to a bunch of tiger cubs, while a cat becomes a playground for a horde of mice.


A confused canine plays nanny to suckling Benegal tiger cubs

The moggy belongs to a retired sailor from Italy.

Gabriele Mattei said he brought up Perla with his 13 pet mice — meaning that the sworn enemies are, in this case, best friends in his house in Cagliari.

The 14-year-old cat even shares food with the mice.


The dog took in the orphaned cubs after their mum scarpered

Meanwhile a Bengal tiger scarpered after giving birth to four cubs, leaving feeding duties to a dog.

The mutt was then taken in by staff at Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo, in China, to carry on being a surrogate mum to the tigers and a puppy.

That’s not a job to be taken lion down . . .


The beautiful baby tigers are being taken care of at Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo in Rongcheng, China


The dog has his work cut out for him with the hungry baby tigers

Cat and mice

Meanwhile a cat forgot its killer instincts to befriend mice in Italy

Cat and mice

The 14-year-old cat was brought up alongside the owner’s 13 pet mice, and even shares food with them