Warmer weather brings concerns for wildlife – WTAJ

State College, Centre County, Pa. – The Wild About Animals event gives you an up close look at some of the coolest animals but it also comes with a lesson for preserving wildlife.

The annual event on Saturday was hosted by Centre Wildlife Care, a non-profit that rescues animals in need of rehabilitation.

Animals like Andromeda, a red tail hawk.

Kathryn Carruba, a volunteer for the organization, said the hawk serves as an educational resource.

“Brought in and deemed “not releasable” because she’s not able to see out of her one eye so she became one of our many education ambassadors,” Carruba said.

She said even if they can’t fend for themselves in the wild, all animals serve a purpose.

An up-close look helps people better understand each creature and their habitat.

“It’s really important for our region just because we have so much wildlife around us, we have forests all over, we’re a huge (agriculture) state and we really need to maintain the integrity of that just with all of the urbanization going on,” Carruba said.

Now that it’s getting warmer, Carruba added that it’s the beginning of “baby season” for wildlife, and the community should be more aware of animals.

“They’re going to be out, going on roads, crossing streets, trying to find a potential mate or even hunting food,” Carruba said.

The event included local vendors, all connected to animals.

Wyatt, a dog found injured on the side of the road earlier this year, also made an appearance.

It’s still unclear what caused his injures but Kari Coble, President of One Dog at a Time, said he’s a good reminder for everyone to keep an eye out for roaming animals.

“Now that it’s getting nicer weather, we’re having strays upon strays, tons of lost animals,” Coble said.

Carruba said the animal fair is a fun learning opportunity, and any money raised helps keep Centre Wildlife Care up and running.